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Keith Fields many faces

Keith Fields started his performing life as a street magician, great in the summer, but when the cold weather arrived, he looked for somewhere warmer to perform.  His unique comedy style opened doors into the comedy clubs where he got as many laughs as the comedians.  This led to headline tours in Europe and Asia, appearances at arts festivals, on TV, performances for the armed forces overseas.  He was even asked to perform for the British royal family. His comedy style can be traced back to his early days as a busker…  Then his wife joined the act!

“I travelled the world as a solo performer, then, after a quarter of a century as a happily married couple we started working together on stage.  It could have been a disaster! But we discovered that we had been rehearsing this show for 25 years.”

Sarah Harfield

Lady Sarah is the daughter of a playwright and has been performing since she was 5.  She is an author of children’s books, an award-winning speaker, and describes herself as ‘eccentric but mature’. She is a real English lady and sounds like she has come straight from an episode of Downton Abbey.  If she had time, she would make you a nice cup of tea and some crumpets!  She is a lover of all things that glitter, especially shoes and eyeglasses, and she keeps Keith on track when he starts wandering off script, as he often does.

“We both live to make people laugh, always have! Every simple conversation turns into a comedy routine, every dinner leaves the waitstaff laughing, and every shopping trip ends with a giggling cashier… Taking our real selves onstage was a natural next step”

sarah harfield & keith fields

10 years ago, you had two choices to see live magic – The Magic Castle in Hollywood or a casino in Las Vegas. Today there are more than 30 dedicated magic theaters in the USA and many more weekly or monthly pop-up shows.  And lets not start on the rest of the world! Live magic has never been more popular. With their show, ‘A Brit of Magic,’ Keith Fields & Lady Sarah,  have performed in many of these venues.  Eventually they decided that there should be one here, in Metro Detroit, so the Magic Soiree was born. Together, Keith Fields & Lady Sarah are on a mission “to change the world, one laugh at a time!”, you can join them on that mission at The Magic Soiree. 


We are very proud to announce that The Magic Soiree has been awarded the prestigious “Ambassador of Magic designation” from the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.). So far only a handful of magic theaters have received this award and we are honored to be on the list.

Ken Scott (Past President) said about this distinct honor “The Ambassador of Magic designation is reserved for magic theaters, magic shows, and other magic venues that share the art of magic with the public and have demonstrated a level of professionalism and excellence through their programming.”


The Magic Soiree

It’s a medical fact – laughter is good for you; it releases endorphins and has measurable health benefits.  This show is so funny it should be available on your health insurance!